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Boulder Community Foundation, doing business as Boulder Community Alliance (BCA), is a duly registered, 501(C)(3), charitable and educational community support organization.  As Boulder’s largest nonprofit organization, we facilitate and support a variety of community and landscape projects.


Our mission statement:

Boulder Community Alliance actively champions the unique and vibrant community of Boulder and its spectacular, fragile landscape.

BCA is run by a volunteer board of directors and employs two part-time staff members. Our organization is financed by generous individual donors and grants from organizations. If you have further questions about BCA and its role in the community, check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.



Josh HeadshotJosh Ellis,  “Acting” President/Vice President

In 2008 Josh rode his bicycle into Boulder Town . . . and never left. Now he lives  in a Boulder full-time  with his wife, Jill, and their two daughters, Leona and Violet.  Josh runs a successful online consulting business and has a small farming operation.



lisa-varga_426xLisa Varga, Treasurer

Lisa has been a supporter of the BCA and its mission since the
Alliance’s formation. She is committed to preserving what makes our home so special; Boulder’s unique community and its wild landscape. Lisa and her husband Keith have been active members of the community. They reinvigorated and ran the Burr Trail Outpost and Grill for many years. Today their interests are focused on their guide service, Earth-Tours, which introduces quiet use visitors to the GSENM and other public lands surrounding Boulder. Lisa is a board member of the Garfield County Travel Council and Boulder Recycles.



pamfurches_426xPam Furches, Secretary

Pennsylvania native Pam Furches is a freelance graphic designer. While she works for clients nationwide, she can often be found in her studio in Boulder producing print design or branding materials for local businesses.

Pam serves as Secretary for the Boulder Town Tree City Committee and volunteers for the Boulder Skills Foundation. She and Constance Lynn cofounded the Boulder Seed Collective, which seeks to preserve and distribute heirloom seed varieties. Pam also works as a master gardener, certified permaculture designer, outdoor survival instructor, and weaver. She holds a BFA in graphic design from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.



Bio Photo_BlakeBlake Spalding, Board Member

Originally from New Hampshire, Blake began cooking when she was a small child. By the time she was eight years old, she was preparing full meals for her family. Blake began working in the restaurant world at an early age and at the age of sixteen moved with her family to Flagstaff, Arizona. In her twenties Blake began cooking as a river chef, mostly on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, and continued to do this for many years. She also worked for Greenpeace, during which she helped with an anti-pesticide campaign that inspired her passion for organics, sustainability, and all things biochemically and genetically unaltered. While working as a river chef, she began another career: “extreme catering”—cooking in remote, isolated locations, including a deserted island in the Bahamas and the Amazon rain forest. She also opened a catering business in Flagstaff. As a practicing Buddhist, she was often asked to cook for Tibetan lamas, and this directed her relationship with food into one fused with spirituality and meaning. In the year 2000, the opportunity to own Hell’s Backbone Grill presented itself, and she moved to Boulder with her friend in cooking, Jen Castle.



Bio Photo_RonRon Johnson, Board Member

Ron Johnson has been a Co-Manager/Owner of the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch since 2007 along with his wife, Brandie Hardman-Johnson, and lifelong friend and business partner, Patrick Hogle. Ron is a Co-Manager/Owner of Global Aquafeeds, which is a Co-Owner/Founder of the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative of which Ron is also a Board Member. Ron is a Co-President/Owner of The Salt Lake Garfield Western Railway Company and a Co-Manager/Owner of Headwaters Cattle and Guest Ranch f.k.a. The Thompson Ranch in Boulder Utah. Ron is also a Certified Permaculture Designer. Ron sits on other boards and is either an officer, director, manager, member or shareholder of entities ranging in the sectors of arts, education, health care, social media and land and cultural preservation and restoration, where emphasis is placed on environmental, financial and social responsibility, smart production and consumption of energy, food and medicine and on healthy and sustainable community development.




bca-photoScott Bigler, Board Member

“As we bounced over another mud rut our bodies flew from the bed of a 5 ton stakebed farm truck and landed somewhat less than gentle on our sleeping bags and backpacks. It was 1963 and our Scoutmaster was taking us up the north slopes of Boulder Mountain for a week long camp trip. When Sunday came we descended more miles of similar ruts to attend Church in Boulder. It was my first time seeing the hamlet I would fall in love with.

I am Scott Bigler and with my wife Chris we’re the longest living Boulderites you’ve never heard of. We bought our home here 36 years ago and it has been a  haven for our family to escape civilization and as a way station to backpacking the wilderness.

We retired in 2012 and have made Boulder our almost full-time home. I feel honored to be asked to serve on the BCA Board. I have watched this organization from a distance for some time and have been more than pleasantly impressed with the work I see them embark upon. I look forward to adding input to help preserve the community spirit, landscape and rural nature of Boulder and its’ surroundings.”




would-this-work-for-biographyAmelia LeFevre, Executive Director

Amelia is a native Boulderite who, along with her thirteen brothers and sisters, grew up on the LeFevre Ranch. Her family has deep roots in the region and has lived in Boulder for five generations. This town allowed her parents to fulfill their dreams and provided a chance for their children, adopted from all around the world, to grow up in a safe, secure environment. “Boulder is my home and always will be,” Amelia proudly states. “Boulder is the place I have had the opportunity to grow up—it is the focal point of who I am today.” Amelia attended Southern Utah University in Cedar City where she received a Masters of Science in Public Administration as well as a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. She loves being a mom to her six-year-old daughter, Kierra Lee, who remains the most important part of her life. She began serving as BCA’s Executive Director in the spring of 2015.


Katie Coleman, Accountant