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Pegboard content is highly Boulder-area centric. Its primary purpose is a notice of community-related info, needs, services, and Boulder events of any stripe. For example: buy/sell, community alerts, need a ride/offering a ride, lost/found, town events and activities, yard sales, school info, meetings or gatherings … purely informational. The shorter the messages, the better.

Pegboard does not forward personal opinions, rants, links to wonderful websites, political perspectives. (I will try to let you know if, for some reason, your message will not be forwarded. It’s rare.) Topics obviously eliciting a discussion or illustrated with a graphic are best posted on the Boulder or Escalante facebook pages.
Pegboard also been warned by the service providers against forwarding attachments, so I try not to. So please, no attached files, no photos. Try to minimize your use of embedded graphics, fancy formatting, and weblinks too.

When you want to stop Pegboard notices, whether permanently or short-term, please email and your email will be removed from the list. (Easy to put you back on again.) 
Do not dispose of pegboard messages in your spam folder or otherwise lump pegboards with your junk mail.
Use your DELETE key or button or dump from your Inbox to Trash.

Pegboard is nothing more than email. It is a giant email distribution list covering a lot (most?) of Boulder people and even a few Escalante and Torrey folks. When people “post” to pegboard, it’s not like facebook and it’s not interactive. You are sending Peg, only Peg, an email message. Peg is personally reading it and then physically and directly forwarding it to the list. (Hence, the potential of several hours delay in seeing your message appear on pegboard; she is not always sitting at the computer.)

I keep the message header information on your message to me intact, so your own email address is visible to people. Otherwise, pegboard addresses remain hidden from everyone else. (Note: I do not share this address list with anyone.)

Please indicate in some way that your message is intended for pegboard distribution. Sometimes that’s clear from the context, but “personal” messages have been mistakenly forwarded in the past that were thought to be for everybody, like party invitations. Oops. :>(

Do not hit “reply”
Explanation:  Hitting “Reply” to a pegboard only goes back to me, and automatically goes into my Trash. I generally won’t see it.
Instead, copy the address of the original sender (the person who sent me the message, always included in the forwarded header information within the message body). Or call them if they supply a number.

Please, everyone: Put “” on your whitelist, safe senders, whatever your email program calls “good” mail.
If you’ve been getting pegboards and suddenly aren’t, let me know! Probably, your address bounced for some reason and then got deleted. First, be sure I’m added to your whitelist, and then check your spam folder to make sure pegboards aren’t getting diverted there.

Boulder Community Alliance is supporting this service with the usage of Peg’s former BCA email address because it’s BCA’s Xmission server that supports both their website and this email forwarding. (SCinternet doesn’t let me do the pegboard list.) We thank Peg for continuing this service to our community!

You can help keep pegboard going by helping me avoid the dreaded “spammer” designation. GMAIL users (and maybe now aol, yahoo, and others) need to “Create a Filter” within your “Settings” that specifically allows my address to send you mail. Otherwise, messages are flagged as spam at the server level and not delivered to you in any folder. Collecting too many spam designations has caused me massive email problems, several times nearly resulting in the demise of Pegboard (and worse).

If any of this stuff doesn’t make sense to you, let me know, particularly the part about the whitelist and gmail filters, etc… Pegboard’s continuation really depends on everyone doing their part to prevent the spam algorithms from kicking in.

Thanks for reading!
Peg Smith aka pegboard

— Pegboard is a community service sponsored by Boulder Community Alliance
To ensure continued service, be sure to add to your safe sender list