Employee Resources

Employee Resources

Unemployment Insurance

Apply now at jobs.utah.gov or view Covid-19 specific info here: https://jobs.utah.gov/covid19/
The Department of Workforce Services is holding 2 daily virtual workshops on unemployment insurance. Even if you’ve already filed, the people running these workshops are there to answer your chat questions throughout the workshop, or you can stay till the end and they will answer your questions verbally. This might be the quickest way to talk to someone at DWS right now, as they are completely overwhelmed.

Here are the links for the next couple of workshops:

Temporary Layoff Virtual Workshop for Employees{04/06/202004/06/2020}
Temporary Layoff Virtual Workshop for Employees{04/07/202004/07/2020}

Some important pieces of info are that it may take up to 30 days to work your case. But you will get back pay as soon as they do. So keep filing your weekly claims, even if it looks like nothing is happening and you haven’t gotten paid. Also, the best chance for live chat on their site is at 7 am weekdays.