Upcoming Holistic Land Management Events

Dear Neighbors,
Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch (BMGR) and the Boulder Community Alliance (BCA) are co-hosting Owen Hablutzel in Boulder Town beginning on May 16 through May 20. Please see the Link below introducing Owen and Holistic Management International and his impressive biography and honorable work. Ranchers and Farmers ranging and stewarding thousands of acres or tending a small home garden and all Community Members will benefit greatly from Owen`s visit to Boulder!

Please join us on Thursday, May 18 at 10:00 am at BMGR (upper ranch) where Owen will introduce us to The Yeoman Plow/sub-soiler and explain how it is used for water harvesting and soil building (along with a variety of other techniques that go well with the plow’s use to enhance nutrient density), including a demonstration in the field.  Also discussed will be ‘Keyline Pattern Cultivation’ as well as how this tool fits into a larger pattern of Keyline-based farm and rangeland layout/planning, and how it all applies at this location specifically and other locations as well.  This explanation and demonstration will produce meaningful exchanges of knowledge through discussion and continue to build healthy relationships amongst all community members. The discussion and demonstration will be ongoing until about 4:00 pm, so please join us from 10:00 am and if that is not possible come by as soon as or when you can on Thursday, May 18.

Additionally, please join with everyone on Friday, May 19 at 7:30 pm at the Town Hall in Boulder, Utah (351 North 100 East) where Owen will present a talk for one hour followed by a Q&A. This talk will look at practical approaches to farming/ranching and food systems that actively increase local economic and ecosystem health. Part of the theme will include, It’s all about soil, water, and neighbors and Ranching and Farming at the Radical Center of Community. Owen will share examples from Keyline Design, Holistic Grazing and Holistic Management, Bio-Dynamic Farming and beyond… as well as looking at the key shifts underway that can generate more resilient and regenerative food systems that contribute an exciting and surprising multitude of benefits to local communities and regions.

Please come one come all to one and or both events! I believe both of these events will be a positive life enhancing experience for many. We are very excited to be together with all of you to discuss how Ranching and Farming have created and benefitted our communities and to explore the many possibilities still ahead for our communities through further Land-based Economics and Management.

Your RSVP would be very much appreciated but not absolutely necessary.

Respectfully and with Gratitude,
Ron Johnson, Co-Managing Member of BMGR
801-652-7830 cell
435-335-7480 BMGR Office

Josh Ellis, President BCA

Owen Hablutzel – Holistic Management International
Professional Certified Educator Whole Systems Design, Consultation, Education, Group-Facilitation.
4235 West 63rd St Los Angeles, California 90043 US

Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch – Premier Guest Ranch Boulder, UT

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