As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your generous contributions to fund events, programs, and educational opportunities. There are a few ways to support BCA with your online donations:

Direct Contribution

To contribute directly to Boulder Community Foundation (dba Boulder Community Alliance), please click the button below.

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Our current and ongoing projects include:

  • Fiscal agent sponsorship for a variety of individuals and local groups who are involved in their own worthwhile projects that benefit the community. As a 501(c)(3), we can apply for grant funding and receive charitable contributions on their behalf that they wouldn’t otherwise be eligible for.
  • Community connections: informational forums with guest speakers; an online email distribution; semiannual Sage Page newsletter; website and Facebook; and assistance in learning communication skills.
  • Local activities: This year, with your help and collaboration, we are supporting the Annual Highway Cleanup, continuing land-based economic solutions, Tree City events & workshops, and the Boulder Skills Foundation. 

Special thanks to the following supporters!

Richard Hunt
Helen Mitchell
Larry Seeman
Diena Riddle
Sam & Liz Dunham
Garfield County Travel Council
Greg Donovan & Amy Derryberry — In Honor of Larry Davis
Laurel Holding
Robert Ramsey
Paul Thalman
Susan Stern & David Huffine — In Honor of Paul & Elli Hawks
Scott Mader
Judith Geil
Mr. Michael D. Yokell
Pete Benson & Tina Karrlsson
Patricia & Fernando Rendon
Elizabeth Julian
AbuHaidar Family
Robert Ramsey
Caryn Hunt
Lacy Allen
Karen Terry
Amy & Richard Woodbury
Andrew & Lauren Keller
Jared Higgins & Heidi Mosburg
David Elliot
Geneen Haugen
Jean Reagan & Peter Philips
Jabe Beal
Bicknell Investments
John & Martha Veranth
Greg Donovan & Amy Derryberry
Bruce Miller
Leslie Thurmond
Catherine Smith
Curtis & Diane Oberhansly
Walt Gove
Brynn Brodie
Kurt & Deborah Mychajlonka
Mary Margaret Golten
Joanne Nissen
Bower Licher Inc. (Design Group Architects)
Steve & Mariam Johnson
Tom & Caroline Hoyt
Jacqui Smalley
Margo Brownell
Annette Avery
Steve & Cheryl Cox
Doug Howland
Natalie Streeter
Angie Evenden & Carl Dede
Pam & Matt Furches
Amy Brooks
Josh Ellis
Caitlin Gorman
Wendy Letterman
Dave Falconi
Julie Barkan
Jen Castle
Boulder Mountain Lodge
Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch
Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm
Burr Trail Outpost
Burr Trail Grill
Magnolia’s Street Food

Caroline Skuzeski in honor of Lily Condley
David Ludlow
Joan & Dennis McKenna
Jean Reagan & Peter Phillips
Doug Howland
Bicknell Investments, LLC
Steve & Cheryl Cox
Richard & Betty Smith
Joanne Nissen
Geneen Haugen
Nadim & Maggie Abuhaidar
Curtis & Dianne Oberhansely
Scott Gutting
Natalie Streeter
Dave & Karie Bird
Alan & Julia Scott
Scott Aho
Heidi Mosburg/Jared Higgins
Angie Evenden & Carl Dede
Brynn Brodie
Tom Hoyt
Dan Pence & Jennifer Geerlings
Walter Gove
Ken Ruick – Circle D Motel
Jabe Beal
Robert Ramsey & Suzanne Winters
Patricia A. Smith
Tom & Patty Hester
House of Aromatics (Eric Scott Bresselsmith)
Annette Avery
Dennis Adams
Escalante Outfitters
Earth Tours (Keith Watts)
Greg Donovan
Janet McEntee
Walker Family Charitable Trust
Colleen & Clair Pay
Wilcox Smith Foundation
Kathy & Craig Copeland
Malou & Patrice Humbert
Richard & Amy Woodbury
Funding Love & Passion Foundation

David & Johna Brems
Bob & Naomi Brems
Dr. Lynn Bateman
Andrew Swarthout
Julie Robinson
Blake Spalding
Paul & Catherine Thalmann
Alyssa Thompson
Wesley Walker/Walker Family Charitable Fund
Angela Evenden & Carl Dede
Les Thurmond
Brynn Brodie
Dave Mock
Tom and Caroline Hoyt
Lisa Varga & Keith Watts
Jean Reagan
Judith C. Cardell Charitable Fund
Judith & Bill Geil
Edward Young
Patrice & Malou Humbert/La Forge Franchaise Ltd.
Amy & Richard Woodbury
Caitlin Gorman
Larry Seeman & Teri Schadeck
Marjorie Schaffel & Peter Balson
Corrine Halls
Joy Tait
Tom & Caroline Hoyt
Helen Mitchell
Angela Evenden & Carl Dede
Joan & Dennis McKenna
Mrs L.L. Bateman
BJ Miller
Peter Benson & Kristina Karlsson
Bower Licher Inc.  Design group Architects
William Turberville
Jacqueline Smalley
Michael D. Yokell
Nadim & Maggie AbuHaidar
Mary Margaret Golten
Alan & Tessa Davis
Margaret Smith (Abet Information Design)
Samuel & Elizabeth Dunham
F.L.G. (Cynthia & Fred Godsey)
Ronald Huff
Scott Brodie
Matt & Pam Furches
Joanne Nissen (in honor of Rachelle Riand)
Janet McEntee
Dennis Adams
Annette Avery
Richard and Connie Reid
Scott Gutting
Trellis Enterprises LLC  (Josh Ellis & Jill Trombley)
Natalie Streeter
Diane and Curtis Oberhansly
Julie Robinson & David Hensel
Scott & Chris Bigler

This list reflects the Boulder Community Alliance’s donor list as of January 1, 2020. If you have any questions or have inadvertently been left off this list, please contact us at