About The Sage Page

We publish our community newsletter, The Sage Page on a seasonal basis, relying on volunteer contributors for most of the content as well as volunteers to facilitate mailing all the copies. We mail out copies to each post office box holder in the 84716 zip code and the newsletter is also distributed outside the Boulder area as we receive subscribers.

The mission of The Sage Page is twofold:

  • To publish articles about Boulder Community Alliance and our projects, events, contributions, and board members.
  • To provide Boulder with a free printed newsletter open to submissions (including articles, poetry, and small-town news) from all interested residents.

The content focuses on the season’s events, activities, and featured groups or individuals within the Boulder area. Sage Page was recognized at the 2008 Utah Tourism Conference as “Best Newsletter” in its circulation category.

If you are interested in submitting an article, photograph, or poem to Sage Page, please contact our editor at:

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