As expressed in our Mission Statement, we believe in supporting both our community as well as the “spectacular, fragile landscape” with which we coexist.

Current Projects


In 2014, BCA kicked off the new Adopt-a-Highway litter pickup program covering 20 miles of Highway 12 from both directions and through Boulder. This campaign was originally managed by BCA board member Mike Putiak who enlisted five new organizations to adopt a stretch of highway. The BCA is humbled to continue this program in his honor.

Join us at the Boulder Community Center on Friday, May 17, 2019, at 9 am.

7B’s: Bodacious Boulder Becomes Breathtakingly Beautiful by Bagging!

Dress Code: Wear NEON or anything that makes you visible!
Hats/Shades • Feather Boas • Comfy Clodhoppers  • Leather Work Gloves

Who: Everyone, groups can always use an extra hand!

Group Captains: Please attend to pick up more signs, vests, bags, report on cleanup dates, and catch up.

Hwy Section Groups & Captains
mm 79–81 Human Rights Campaign, Karen Terry
mm 81–83 Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, Brandie Hardman
mm 83–85 Boulder Heritage Foundation, Cheryl Cox
mm 85–87 Burr Trail Outpost, Alyssa Thompson
mm 87- 89 Boulder Mountain Lodge, Dave Mock
mm 89–91 Boulder LDS Ward, Nate Beard
mm 91- 93 Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm, Jen Castle
mm 93–95 Boulder Library, Cookie Schaus
mm 95–98 Boulder Community Alliance, Josh Ellis
mm 98–100 House of Aromatics, Eric Scott Bresselsmith
BCA Contact for 7B’s Cleanup Program: Scott Bigler,

Land-Based Economic Solution Conferences & Workshops

Ways you can participate:

  1. Sponsor a local organization or individual to attend the following events.
  2. Submit a scholarship request form to attend educational events.
  3. Present a lecture or workshop at an event and share your knowledge!

• Boulder Harvest Festival – Saturday, October 13, 2019 – Boulder, UT

• Quivira conference – November 19-22, 2019 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

• Utah Farm Conference – February 6-8, 2020 – Cedar City

Donate and earmark your contributions for the BCA Scholarship Program!

Past Projects


Beavers?  On Boulder Moutain? Why? Beavers contribute to a healthier, more natural mountain ecosystem. Beaver-dammed water stays up on the mountain longer and is released more slowly downstream, rather than as gushing floods. The expanded water table also fosters new vegetative growth and riparian areas. . . . . read more.


In 2013 alone, BCA worked with approximately 40 landowners to facilitate the removal of Russian olive on 175 acres in Boulder and Escalante . . . read more

"Stasis" by Boulder Artist Amy Woodbury. Visit:

“Stasis” by Amy Woodbury, Boulder Artist. Website: Her work is also available at the Burr Trail Outpost.