2014 Leave it to Beavers! Festival

Why Beavers?

It’s all about the water! If we leave it to the beavers, they’ll improve riparian areas, build in long-term sustainability to our ground water systems, help maintain water table levels for lush, grazable pasture areas and meadows, catch silt and sediment that otherwise rushes downstream to clog irrigation ponds and conveyances.

Our 3rd Annual Leave It To Beavers Festival, sponsored again this year by Boulder Community Alliance, is a half-day, fun and informative event looking at the habits, the effects, and the methods of beavers. We hope to build an appreciation for the natural abilities of this keystone species in their native habitats.

We’ll have plenty of live music, yummy food, puppet making and shows, children’s creative dam-building exercises, and lots of real world experience by people who’ve handled, live-trapped, and been amazed by beavers.

— Peg Smith, BCA Executive Director

Click here for a detailed schedule of events: 2014 LITB Schedule of Events

Beaver Festival 2014

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