Boulder Town Independence Day Celebration 2017

Here’s what Peg Smith wrote about this year’s Independence Day Celebrations in her column By Way of Boulder, published in The Insider the week July 13, 2017. Pursuit of Happiness. Boulder celebrated, really celebrated, another 4th of July… Read More

Boulder Baby Girls Turned the Big “One” By Angela Kirby

Samantha, Violet and Magnolia all turned one year in June and had a great time celebrating their birthdays together. It is a tremendous blessing to share the experience of motherhood with Haylee and Jill and to watch these… Read More

LUGU 2015 Fundraiser – March 26

Only 2 days and 7 hours until Love Utah Give Utah begins.  CLICK HERE to make a donation and support our community and landscape projects.

Shifting Focus: BCA’s Riparian Work Transfers to GSEP

BCA has been particularly well known for its involvement in the removal of Russian olive on private lands throughout our watershed.  On February 1, 2015, this work was officially transferred to Grand Staircase Escalante Partners (GSEP).  GSEP, which… Read More

2014 Year in Review

By Tom Hoyt, BCA President 2014 is a year best described by change and success. During the last 12 months, our mission has continued to evolve with the introduction of new board members and staff, the reformation of our landscape… Read More

The Russian Olive Outcome, A Land Owner Decision

FIRST IN LINE Boulder is the first town in the Southwest to attempt the complete management of Russian olive on private lands.  In fact, Boulder Community Alliance, in cooperation with local landowners, has successfully removed this invasive tree… Read More

2014 Leave it to Beavers! Festival

Why Beavers? It’s all about the water! If we leave it to the beavers, they’ll improve riparian areas, build in long-term sustainability to our ground water systems, help maintain water table levels for lush, grazable pasture areas and… Read More

BCA Hosts an Informational Forum on Pollinators

The Undeniable Importance of Pollinators 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of the food and drink we consume requires pollination. On June 17, Boulder Community Alliance sponsored the informational forum “Attracting Pollinators with Plants for Food and Habitat Health”… Read More


Escalante Headwaters Case Study This is the first in a series of articles documenting a specific riparian restoration project on 18 acres of private land in the Upper Valley Region of Escalante.  Allysia Angus owns 18 acres of… Read More

BCA Produces “Quiet Use” Brochure

This Spring, Boulder Community Alliance, in association with Boulder Business Alliance, recreated and distributed the “Quiet Use” Brochure.  The purpose of this handout is twofold: 1) To promote Boulder and the surrounding area as a location for quiet,… Read More