BCA Produces “Quiet Use” Brochure

This Spring, Boulder Community Alliance, in association with Boulder Business Alliance, recreated and distributed the “Quiet Use” Brochure.  The purpose of this handout is twofold:

1) To promote Boulder and the surrounding area as a location for quiet, respectful recreation.

2) To encourage visitors to travel on 3 recommended routes, which may result in an extra in-town purchase at one of our restaurants, hotels, or gift shops.

The brochure has been distributed in Boulder, along Scenic Highway 12, and in Torrey.  To take a peek at the brochure, select the links below:

Quiet Use Brochure 2014

If you are in need of more brochures and/or have immediate questions or concerns, please contact:

Tanya Collings

Administrative Assistant

Boulder Community Alliance



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